Football in the Year 2020

먹튀검증Since the last World Cup almost every household has the largest HD TV available, most bought it just to watch the football on but at a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. Many pubs offered the games in 3D and the market is emerging as the next big trend with televisions, undoubtedly we will all have these by the next World Cup. This raises the question of what the future holds for the beautiful game, how will we enjoy it, how will they play it? There are a variety of theories that are perfectly plausible; the only question is how soon it will come. Here is a selection of theories of what football will be like in 2020.


A step up from 3D broadcasts is holographic projections; projecting of the game and players onto any coffee table or living room floor could provide a whole new viewing experience. In the same way, it could be used to project the players in real time onto another pitch the other side of the world. This could fill stadiums all over the world with millions of fans and give that real match experience. Depending on which advances quicker, augmented reality could be a quicker step as it already exists on mobile devices.

Interactive Experience:

With the rise of cheaper electronics, every seat in a stadium could be fitted with a touch screen computer offering action replays, stats, the ability to buy food and merchandise and more importantly; advertising. With smartphones offering most of this already it is likely that this function will need to offer something unique and most likely be filled with tailored advertising.

Microchip Managers:

Managing future football teams will become much easier as managers will no longer need to rely on memory, instinct and gut feeling but instead use technology and even artificial intelligence to make decisions. A player’s performance within a game and across a season could be wirelessly monitored to deliver vital stats on their fitness and potential; this could help a manager decide who to keep on the bench and who to bring on in the final minutes. Some airports and secure facilities already use emotional monitoring systems and these could determine which players were getting aggravated and risked getting sent off or who needs encouraging. Analysing data and cross referencing it with that of an opposing team could allow a manager to choose players best suited against the other team, for example a stronger defence or strikers who have experience with a particular goalkeeper. Although such information is only factual it could provide a valuable back up to the manager while still allowing them to give the human touch.


The argument for pitch technology is very much alive today and the potential to rule out all human error in refereeing the game is available but governing bodies are reluctant to remove the human element from the game despite the controversy it is known to cause. A series of microchips, GPS data and infra-red technology could determine the exact location of the ball, the players and the pitch in order to accurately call a throw in, position a free kick and mark our 10 yards. This could be virtual information available only to the ref or projected with lasers onto the pitch.

Referee’s Little Helpers:

Impact-sensitive kits, boots, balls and pitch could help the ref determine if a tackle was a foul and expose diving players; the same technology could also help position a free kick and assist on the decision of giving a card.먹튀 Linesmen are likely to be replaced by technology as it is relatively simple to determine the position of players and the ball with lasers and camera replays\


Referees currently communicate with officials using blutooth headsets to avoid holding up the game with conferring on decisions. Using this technology, players could wirelessly communicate with managers and each other, altering tactics and giving orders on the go\


Player’s kits could soon be fitted with nanotechnology to tend minor injuries with nutrient releasing fibres and also combat muscle fatigue and cramp. The same kits could also produce an array of colours or patterns to accommodate for changing light conditions and even virtual sponsor messages. This could be used to scroll through advertising messages like sideline billboards and increase ad revenue\

먹튀검증Hyper Human Players\

The training of athletes would benefit tremendously from technology; intelligent systems could recognise an individual’s strengths and weaknesses analyse their metabolic and nervous systems and develop a unique training program. High-tech training techniques could improve fitness and strength, cryotherapy and magnetic chambers could be used to reduce recovery times and allow players to train harder and more often. Advanced supplements could give a player the nutrients and energy they need to eliminate fatigue from depleted glycogen and keep them going for the whole 90 minutes. Improved training and diets will mean that players will run faster and further than today’s players while reducing injuries with gene therapy and the ability to monitor a player’s health. Controversial techniques such as stem cell banking and organ pets could allow players to have damaged skin, limbs or organs transplanted and regenerated in order to get them back to training as soon as possible. With this technology a broken leg could mean a player simply takes the next day off before coming back to training.