“Peepsmash is making the world a better place, bringing people together.”

Thank you for joining Peepsmash; “the best new social media website.” We’ve been in production of the website since July 2016, and launched public April 28, 2017.

Understandably there are still features we are improving. As Peepsmash grows we will be continually developing the website and it will progressively become more enjoyable and user friendly for you, our peeps.

We hope you will tell your friends and family about Peepsmash; grow our community the more users we have, the more fun and enjoyable Peepsmash will become.

Katch: General social media activity, posts are geographically located. For meeting new people and discovering local activity

Lookout: For buying/selling items, looking for jobs, deals from businesses, and classified adds.

Assembly:  Is a place to organize friends into groups or to join groups of new friends.

Social Box: Area based Chat Rooms with multiple people chatting

Harbor: Notifications

**Turn Location on, for best results on website

We hope you enjoy the features we have developed. There are many ways to use and benefit from our services. Peepsmash is dedicated to bringing you the best possible experience you can get from social media.

It’s our belief that when you become familiar with the features; you will greatly appreciate the way it organizes, and helps you manage your social life. It also useful when creating activities and has events for you to discover on a day to day basis.

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